Finding Figaro’s 2nd Birthday: Review

By Christina Karras

Photo: Amber Palička

Photo: Amber Palička

Finding Figaro has been a respected local voice in music news for two years now, with their website dedicated to bringing you the low-downs on the small and big names in music, with interviews, photographs and reviews. Run by a group of friends from Melbourne’s beloved western suburbs, Finding Figaro have managed to facilitate a growing community of music lovers on and off the d-floor, so it seemed only right to join in on their curated celebrations at The Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood last Friday night.

The Figaro group have a developed a penchant for the kind of tunes that compel you to dance and throw caution to the wind, spilling your drink everywhere in the process (or maybe that’s just me.) But the night was also filled with chats between old and new friends from far and wide; with a vibe so wholesome it was like a warm hug in the form of a rave.

To help celebrate their line-up featured a bunch of Melbourne’s best – and who doesn’t love seeing our own thrive? In addition to their near and dear friends of Louise Kaye and Asha, Collette and their techno brothers in arms, House of Friends, headliner Christopher Port was an undisputed highlight. Playing his live set under the sweet kaleidoscope of the disco ball in The Gaso’s main room, he brought soulful and melodic dance remixes, that have your heart feeling some type of way.

Meanwhile Maxwell S of Daydreams acclaim got behind the decks and to play some more hard-hitting beats, followed by Barry Sunset, bringing with him smooth disco with rising summer vibes, and percussive driven productions. The Finding Figaro boys themselves closed out the night, providing funky house openings that faded into piano-lead synths, with some classics and crowd favourites - like Moloko’s ‘Sing It Back’ - thrown in for good measure. While their mantra might be ‘great tunes played poorly’, the boys had everyone up and about, and the night as a whole delivered a relaxed and fun energy, primed for a dance, and a laugh.

It might only be their second year, but Finding Figaro are becoming a familiar face and name in Melbourne’s music scene, and something tells me we will be seeing them again on the dance floor again, very soon.

Keep up to date with all things music on their website at Finding Figaro, and follow them here.

Gallery Photos 1-2: Amber Palička and 3-5: Christina Karras