a-zine is run by Christina Karras and Ruby Staley.

Initially from very different ends of Melbourne, we met at RMIT University in 2017 while studying a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism). You could say it was friendship-at-first sight.
We quickly found the infinite number of things we had in common – from both being Gemini’s to talking a lot – we linked arms, and never looked back. Since then we’ve shared our feelings over coffee countless times, and written about anything and everything.

a-zine is an online zine/blog/space for anything and everything...
art, fashion, music, culture, news and beauty.

Christina Karras

For someone whose childhood dream was to be a fashion designer, my love for fashion, art and the creative world has weaved its way into my writing - which is not a bad compromise. Now, as a journalism student at 20, my pastimes include watching way too much reality TV, and dancing in the mirror. But when I'm not doing these important things, I have had the pleasure of co-editing and contributing for The Australia Times Fashion, being an intern at @itsall.fluff, and working for Fashion Journal Magazine.

Ruby Staley

When I'm not trapped in the claws of social media and occupied by the trivialities of being a 20-year-old, I write in an attempt to make some sense of the world I live within by analysing events, art, people and information which peak my interest. I endeavour to educate my opinions and to open up dialogue about subverting normality and societal standards.
I have been lucky enough to contribute and intern for Fluff (@itsall.fluff).