Wander Into Another World

By Ruby Cairns

There is something mesmerising about taking a trip into an undiscovered garden.  A journey through a garden is like an escape, a refuge or an adventure. We go from being entrapped by time-wasting technologies, responsibilities and problems to being surrounded by the bountiful, vibrant excerpts of nature which the mother herself has given us. The beautiful thing about nature is that it does not discriminate, no matter how much we abuse and destroy it, nature is always there to welcome us and invite us warmly into its tranquillity.

I invite you now, to leave your world for 5 minutes and follow the path. 


Notice the way the boundless morning sunlight bounces off the vibrant, green leaves. Each leaf a little differently shaped.

2 .jpg

The way the big, round ball of heat in the sky reaches out for your face, wrapping you in an invisible blanket of warmth.


The way little white buds bloom like a butterflies into rich, bold statements of colour.


The way tiny ornaments are put in places to surprise you or make you smile in surprise and delight. 


The way the faint twinkle of wind chimes swishing in the breeze, creates a symphony of beautifully delicate music carried by the wind to your ears.


The way mother nature shows off all her outfits at once, creating a rainbow of colours in the sky.


They way you are welcomed into the space by those who live within it.


The way the birds frolic and fish glide around in small baths of mossy green water, splashing tiny water droplets into the air.


The crunch of the small white stones on your feet as you move about the space, exploring.


The way that microcosms bloom like tiny planets orbiting within an infinite galaxy.


The way the heat of the day begins to fade, causing small goosebumps against the skin as the soft chill of the wind brushes against you. And you need to huddle together to keep warm, as the frost sets in.


The story ends when the sun decides it’s time to sleep. We are forced to source our light from lanterns and the faint glimmer of the moon. The stars glitter against the black backdrop of the night sky... as we retreat back inside.


Until it is time for our journey to begin again. 

Please note*

  1. All photographs were taken on a Nikon D3300 by Ruby Cairns and are therefore subject to copyright.
  2. All photographs are unedited to show off nature in its true and beautifully raw form.
  3. @ellacairns was used as the model for this shoot.