Travel Diaries: The Magic of Film & Barcelona

Christina Karras

A film photo diary of Europe's best bits to tire you over until your next get away... or add to your holiday envy.

I recently was lucky enough to make the most of my uni break by going on a massive trip overseas. It was 4 friends, 5 weeks, 6 countries, 7 suitcases - rookie mistake - but a million moments and memories that money can't buy. Throughout my travels I made a commitment to myself and lugged around the bulkiest, most '90s looking film camera, that once belonged to my Dad, but I've now claimed as mine.


Film itself has a magical quality, in it's physicality and innate nostalgia which is why I think it's still a 'thing'. Of course it's slightly more inconvenient, having to carry it around, not being able to see what you've taken, inevitably ending up with a couple of blurry ones.

So sure, we are romanticizing the past, but it has the ability to do away with Instagram filters and retakes, saying delete that I look so bad" and ultimately, the overbearing self awareness that comes on when someone turns an iPhone camera your way. And it's for these same reasons, that film always seems to end up getting these more authentic and natural moments in time, capturing the light and aura as it really was in the moment.

Even after dropping this bad boy more a few times to many...

So enjoy the first installment of my travel diaries, featuring my time Barcelona.
I sipped sangria, ate incredulously large plates of paella on La Ramblas, and walked what seemed like the entirety of Barcelona for a cable cart ride. We took a day trip down to Stiges, a nearby coastal town which is what looks like the Spanish version of the Almafi Coast.

Must sees: Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Dinner on La Ramblas and Shoko

So, not to add to the Instagram spam of everyone you know who is still living it up in Europe, but flick through my film photos to escape the crappy Melbourne weather and get some inspiration for your next holiday.