Monthly Moodboard - September '18

By Christina Karras and Ruby Staley

This months loves…

Click through the gallery to see a curated collection of things that we have been feeling, watching, listening, reading or doing.

Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis’ album, ‘Isolation’, has been out since April but her recent performance for Prada at NYFW (in an ridiculously amazing vintage look Prada outfit) has us listening to her sultry vocals on repeat. The American-Colombian singer exudes talent, style and sex appeal.

“I’m not a Barbie doll, I’m just a multidimensional human being who likes to make things,” - Kali Uchis to Vulture.


Melbourne has been turning on the spring weather this week and has us thinking about the sunset skies of summer, cold icy poles and balmy nights.

@cloud____s is an Instagram collection of dreamy skies worldwide, and has us holding our breath until they’re our reality again soon.

Adam Selman

Adam Selman’s Fall 2018 collection is packed full of 80s nostalgia. With outrageous zebra prints and dresses with shoulder pads, it feels fresh out of a Michael Jackson film clip.

With the likes of Beyoncé and Dua Lipa sporting his goods, Selman is an emerging designer to keep your eye on.


We’re still reeling after the iconic, and game changing experience that was Savage X Fenty ‘s debut at NYFW!!!! Watch it all play out here.

The show featured women of all shapes, sizes, abilities, ethnicities and status’ embracing their sexuality in an empowering show. Waiting for our next pay check to get our hands on some of the luxurious lingerie.

To All The Boys I've Loved Before

If you haven’t already watched Netflix’s new rom-com adaptation at least 15 times and subsequently fallen in love with Noah Centineo as the lovable Peter Kavinsky then what are you doing?! Go now then, with no time to waste. 

Indulge in what the most genuinely enjoyable, warm, and sweet teen flicks in a long while.

Susan Alexandra

Susan Alexandra makes beaded bags, purses and jewellery, with some consisting over 1,000 beads, and are all hand-made.

Her aesthetic is full of rainbow emoji’s, summer fruits and her designs recall memories of crystallized candies, and look cute enough to eat. We have a newfound understanding of why those kids injested those bindeez many years ago…

Alani Figueroa

Style queen and influencer, Alani Figueroa (@wuzg00d) has been serving us fierce looks over the past month via her deliciously aesthetic Instagram account. 

We will be looking to her noteworthy chic-but-sporty style, which combines chunky sneakers with structured pants and preppy dresses, for outfit inspiration for the warmer months to come.


On the search for affirmations? Look no further than @subliming.jpj for your daily dose of uplifting and empowering mantras that avoid falling into the trap of being simply cliche.

With beautiful stylistic choices, their images are not only be great to promote positive self talk but also could be a perfect addition to your Instagram feed, just be sure to tag them for credit - but we don’t need to tell you that of course!

Serena Williams (and her Off-White uniform)

In the past week we’ve felt overwhelmed by the jarring controversy surrounding Serena’s loss to the amazing 20-year-old Naomi Osaka. 

But, Serena’s ability to prove her worth and talent remained constant in the face of heavy criticism.

Complimented by her outfit design by Virgil Abloh for Off-White, (a decision which also came under scrutiny), Serena continues to be a controversial and a positive force for social change both on and off the court.