Collage By Colour: Part I

I have always been drawn to art and things by colour, and interested in the psychology of each one. For me and many artists or authors, each one seems to habour meanings, connotations and emotions that lie within them- recognizable, yet subconscious.


In the most primary position,
The Red Thread;
Romance And Rage
Heart-shaped things,
on Valentine’s Day
War, Danger, Warning
That runs through our own beating hearts
and Love; and Passion; and Hate
Chinese New Year, with all it’s wealth and fortune
Bathtubs full of Rose Petals, Laura Palmer,
Lipstick of Icons,
Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers.



More Feminine, But Not Female
Soft and Kind
Plush Fabrics and Toys,
Girlish and Young;
It colours Cotton Candy, Macarons,
Sweets of any Kind,
And memories of Japanese Cherry Blossoms,
But also;
Rose and Champagnes that make
Cheeks Flush,
with glittering Blush
Cadillacs, The Grand Budapest Hotel,
Chiffon Ballet Skirts that twirl,
Under a Pastel Sky's Sunset.







A Calmness
And Emotion Unidentified
Juice; of the fruits of its name,
Hair, Flames that Glow
with Heat and Warmth
Positivity and Pride
Traffic Cones and Kool-Aid
had in Golden hours,
the In-between of Limbo;
It’s the Spices of India
Terracotta Rooftops in Europe,
and Peaches in Summer Time.