a-zine is run of Melbourne by Christina Karras and Ruby Staley.

Initially from very different edges of Melbourne, we met at RMIT University in 2017 while studying a Bachelor of Communications (Journalism). Both working tirelessly on our own respective portfolios and musings, we decided to combine forces to create an online collective, fueled by girl power and ambition.

a-zine came about as a platform for each of our diverse, and abundant range of interests, and our overarching love of talking about them.

a-zine is an online zine/blog/space for anything and everything...
art, fashion, music, culture, news and beauty.

Christina Karras

For someone whose childhood dream was to be a fashion designer, my love of fashion, art and the creative world has transpired into my writing, which is not a bad compromise. Now, as a journalism student at 20, my pastimes include watching way too much reality TV, and having a boogie. So when I'm not busy doing these important things, I have had the pleasure of co-editing and contributing for The Australia Times, and have had my work published by Dalliance Magazine and ROOKIE.

Ruby Staley

When I'm not trapped in the claws of social media and occupied by the trivialities of being a 20-year-old, I write in an attempt to make some sense of the world I live within by analysing events, art, people and information which peak my interest. I endeavour to educate my opinions and to open up dialogue about subverting normality and societal standards.
I have been lucky enough to contribute and intern for Fluff (@itsallfluff).